At the moment the "Who we are" title that I chose for this page isn't accurate. There is no "we" to speak of. Currently this website is a one woman show. My name is Terra Franklin and I'm the sole author and administrator of "Glen of the Downs" website. This website is a web portal, a news blog and my own personal blog all rolled into one. Here I'll post the latest news from the world of golf and I'll try to write golf course reviews when I go and visit new golf courses.

My day job is that of a photographer, I work for the BBC. I travel for work all over the UK. This gives me the perfect opportunity to visit golf courses all over country. Sometimes I even go abroad, but on the rare occasions that I do go to a different country I don't have the time to look for and visit golf courses for a round of golf. During vacations however I went to France, Spain and even the US and played golf on dozens of amazing golf courses.

In spare time I love to watch TV, mess around with tech and gadgets, lose time on social media sites, the usual. My boyfriend Richard also plays golf, although he's not as crazy about it as me. This summer I'm planning a trip to the Netherlands, for a summer tour of the finest Dutch golf courses. That's it from me for now. If you would like to send a message you can do so over here.